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민간 발전사업자(IPP)
Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
상품코드 : 997322
리서치사 : McCoy Power Reports
발행일 : 2024년 03월
페이지 정보 : 영문
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US $ 1,500 ₩ 2,096,000
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LSH 21.04.15
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‘Power Equipment Reports and Data Sets’ present the most recent equipment awards. Manufacturers and licensors submit surveys which present a detailed picture of the power gen market. This picture is an education of the most recent trends of project development and can be applied to learn the equipment choices being made by project developers, which technologies are popular or are emerging in the marketplace, future fuel demands, general trends of equipment choices inside certain industries, and many other lines of inquiry. 25 to 30 data points are collected for each equipment piece ordered including manufacturer, technology owner, project owner (customer), project owner type, project type, project name, location, fuel, technology utilized, configuration, capacity, capital formation date, operating date, and more.

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