ECigIntelligence : 가열식 담배 시장과 규제 가이드
ECigIntelligence Heated Tobacco Guide
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리서치사 : ECigIntelligence
발행일 : 2019년 10월
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본 보고서 번들에서는 세계의 가열식 담배(Heated Tobacco) 시장 및 규제 상황을 지역 및 주요 국가별로 조사했으며, 주요 시장 동향, 시장 규모 및 시장 점유율, 주요 브랜드의 시장 점유율, 주요 제품·브랜드 개요, 소비자 분석, 조세 구조, 관련 규제 등을 12개 보고서, 2개 데이터베이스로 정리했습니다.

가열식 담배 데이터베이스 및 보고서

KSM 19.10.15

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Access impartial, reliable and accurate market and regulatory intelligence for the heated tobacco sector with this comprehensive ECigIntelligence heated tobacco guide. Uncover the relevant data to strategically identify key market trends, consumer behaviours, key players and prospective clients; assess the effects of regulatory implementation on the market in real time; and measure and minimise business risks.

Within this comprehensive heated tobacco guide, comprising 12 in-depth reports and 2 databases, you will find a global overview of the dynamic and fast-growing heated tobacco market. All content was fully researched by our experienced in-house team of lawyers and economists, who have provided analysis for over 40 heated tobacco markets worldwide, including the 28 EU member states.

Covering key data including tax requirements, trading requirements, current regulations, developments and proposals, brand and product profiles, market sizing and consumer surveys, this all-in-one resource provides you with actionable insights for all countries where heated tobacco has been launched, including detailed reports on market frontrunners, Japan, South Korea and Russia. The ECigIntelligence heated tobacco guide is an essential tool to identify opportunities, and to anticipate and navigate the market and regulatory landscape with confidence.

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