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의료 산업에서의 고객 경험(CX)
CX in the Healthcare Industry
상품코드 : 1124092
리서치사 : Dash Network LLC
발행일 : 2022년 09월
페이지 정보 : 영문 41 Pages, 72 Charts, Tables and Figures
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세계 의료 산업에서의 고객 경험(CX) 시장을 분석했으며, 기술 개요, 시장의 기본 구조, 주요 활용 사례, 시장 성장 촉진요인과 과제, 현재 시장 동향과 발전 전망(2019-2026년), 부문별(플랫폼·애플리케이션·서비스) 및 지역별 상세 동향, 주요 기업 개요와 경쟁 포지셔닝, 향후 시장 기회와 성장 동향 등의 정보를 정리하여 전해드립니다.


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In a market where brand loyalty and customer retention are increasingly important competitive differentiators, improving healthcare CX is a strategic priority. In a market proliferating with consumer choice, strategies to improve patient experience are key to building brand loyalty, retaining customers, and driving profitability. Technology and data are central to the industry's capacity to effectively adopt customer centricity at scale and operationalize a consumer-centric patient experience (PX) model within service models. Healthcare providers are leveraging existing technology platforms, and integrating with newer purpose-built experience management technology platforms and advanced data analytics capabilities to automate service workflows to provide personalized engagement, increased collaboration, and greater organizational efficiency across traditional customer service functions.

The business challenge for healthcare providers is to align business strategy with evolving consumer sentiments. As patients become sophisticated consumers, value rather than volume is becoming the principle organizing framework and financing imperative for how services are delivered, new market players are threatening the status quo in primary care delivery, and acute care service delivery is increasingly transitioning beyond traditional care sites to community and home-based settings. The vendor opportunity is to enable the industry to better serve its customer patients through innovative data-driven service models of care.

This Dash Research report forecasts the global market for CX/CE software and services to monitor a patient's overall healthcare experience or their experiences with specific provider staff and service facilities. Dash Research calculated the current and future market potential for software and services, taking 2019 as the base year, and forecasting revenue growth through 2026. The primary product or service is broken into platforms, applications, and services. Vendor offerings are classified further into functional categories on the basis of whether the application focus is on employee experiences, customer experiences, or relationship management from a customer-facing or back-office perspective. Finally, market segmentation provides localized insights into the same industry segments across five world regions.

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Market Overview

3. Technology and Market Landscape

4. Case Studies

5. Market Forecasts

6. Conclusion

7. Acronym and Abbreviation List

8. Table of Contents

9. Table of Figures

10. Appendix




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